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Episode Aigis

initiating persona

10/27/09 01:26 pm

Humans equal Software

So many are damaged, some have even become viruses.
Hence how shadows come to pass.

Program loops include
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8/22/09 02:57 pm

I walk I talk and yet I don't understand everything.
I watch a butterfly and it is beutiful. Yet it comes from a bug that
eats leafs in a tree. So many of therm are ugly and they become those beutiful winged creatures. Metamorpasis , Meta , me and i can only hope to comprehend humans. Even with flesh I know I do not entirely get it.

My friends will die before me. If I have a soul I can see them again when I break down. Heavy way of thinking. Even I will not last forever.

7/20/09 02:17 pm

The festival date is approaching closer. I am not sure if this is a good thing. Something is growing in the network as well.

6/4/09 04:33 pm - Private

I am having to repair myself. This concerns me, I have taken a lot of damage. I do not wish people to know how bad it is. I just had to repair my left hand. I am teampted to use my system to time travel. Get back to my lab and make repairs. my software as well is not up to par.
I am feeling broken. I fear I may break down beyond repair.

How many more hits can I take? I should not fear death yet I do. I may be over reacting.

5/23/09 12:09 pm

Interactive cyber electronics.
Japan has just advanced in there robotics. Korea is close behind, and has a cheaper market.
I wonder if I will be out dated soon, most likely I will be.

4/3/09 07:46 pm

Past present I wonder if all is different.
Is he alive? If I was to find him would it start events?
Nyx was beat and all is well.

10/23/08 05:04 pm

Lions and rabbits come to mind. The chaos around me and a sense I could die.
I once asked if I have a soul. Right now I feel as if I do. I am a rabbit about to make a stand.
The lion comes and I can only hope I have enough kick to help take it down. Lions eat rabbits and it is what they are. In a fair world both can exist in harmony. There is no such jungle.

Many forget rabbits can kick. May those who make a stand kick hard enough. I will admit I am scared. Round three for me and the fear does not subside. I will do what I must.

I am Aigis and I am connected to myself.

As well as those around me. I know my role and the lion will either eat me or I shall survive.
Face death and one gambles. I do cry and for all the fear and torment I shed those tears.
For the fear of loss is strong yet I have to face Nyx.

A brave warrior once said to another.
"I don't have fear in battle."
The Wise one said
"Then you are a fool."

As scared as I am, I stand by your side in this. You are the multiple persona user. I don't serve Kirijo, I may have started that in my life. Yet once I was in the Velvet room I know what over powered there programs. I also have a strong desire to stay by you. I cannot explain that. Nor can I explain the very logic. I thought I was broken but now I know, I am not.

9/27/08 01:39 pm

I am starting to make bullets. Please bring the rounds you require so that I can start making them. I am also modifying the hospital defenses.

9/9/08 10:34 am - Do I have a soul?

I am repaired and the flesh is healed.
Sixty bullets had been pulled out of me. All I was able to think was...
I have to save Chase and Baby.
I should have only followed programming.
I am puzzled why I made the decision to rescue the other humans.

In a path to comprehend humans it made me ask questions.
Do machines have souls. Metis came out of me and I think I do have a soul.
It is a silly question. By all means I should not function.
The company that made me, their programs are gone.

I am scared how they will react if I ever saw them again.
That I am free of them, would they destroy me? Take my life?
Try and reprogram me, to work for them again?

I am me, I am Aigis and I am alive. I don't want them anymore.
I am no longer just a piece of property.

I checked the canisters. The material is not safe to put people through.
They damned those people. Condemned them, all they cared about was them putting something inside those canisters and sending them back.

It was also weird to see they used shadow energy to make them.
The compound was shaped and formed . People in power seem to not have
any guilt in who they send to die.

Just like a machine, they are expendable. I am upset , I am confused.
I want all of us to be okay. To live through all this.

8/14/08 05:53 pm

((Voice post))

Woof woof Woof WOOF wooof woof WOOOF

((Koru blogs))
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